Leo Altmann is an electrical engineer and musician in Los Angeles.

This site exists to give back to the internet for all the information Leo has absorbed from it, and to hopefully be useful to others with similar interests and projects.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Federico Zamberlan

    Your blog only has three entries but it was one of the most interesting things I read in the last months. I really want to know more about the mixer you started to design! Even if you didn’t finish it, tell us more about your investigation. Thanks bro!

  2. Emanuel

    hi there, thanks for your post on how to open the xone32, i´m glad that i found someone who´s good at fiddling around with that friendly mixer. i opened mine because i really don´t want to give it away but i´m also obsessed by the idea of heaving the “level” potis on top (instead of at the back – why?). the “aux level” potis, which i personally don´t use at all would be perfect. would you have any idea of how to switch the mapping of the two nearby potis? i´d be thankful for any hint.

    greetings from germany,

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