Connecting a GPS to a BCD996P2 Scanner

Have a BCD996P2 or XT and want to add GPS capability, but don’t want to pay $70 for a Garmin puck?  Neither did I.  Instead I got a cheaper GPS puck and spliced the right connectors on to get the job done.  Most of the info I found online for Uniden GPS wiring concerned the… Read More »

Ham Radio Install – ’08 Prius

After getting comfortable cutting holes in vehicles this year with all the van modifications, it was finally time to do my semi-stealth ham radio install in my 2008 Prius (Gen II).  To preserve the look of the car, I replaced the stock AM/FM antenna with a shark fin antenna and installed an NMO mount directly… Read More »

Mixer update: Isolators gonna Isolate

I’ve been swimming in circuit diagrams for the past week, but I’m happy to say the mixer is progressing along nicely.  At this stage I have on breadboard and working a line input stage, a headphone amplifier, and as of this afternoon the isolator EQ! Line inputs and headphone amplifiers are pretty standard circuits and… Read More »